Real Modeler

-To a Real Modeler, an ARF pretty much epitomizes what's wrong with American "modeling" in particular, and with American society in general.
-A Real Modeler can make a sound, accurate flying model from an enlarged copy of a reduced copy of a copy of a copy of a 60 year old plan. It might be one hell of an absolute struggle for him, but he can do it.
-A Real Modeler has an inexpensive hobby.
-A Real Modeler owns a winding stooge that is absolutely unique.
-A Real Modeler knows quite a bit about rubber strip. His opinions on the subject, however, are different from everyone else's.
-A Real Modeler knows where to buy Ambroid.
-A Real Modeler can build a light, straight, efficient polyhedral undercambered wing wholly from scratch. It might be one absolute hell of a struggle for him, but he can do it.
-A Real Modeler has suffered a lot. But he doesn't care.
-A Real Modeler knows how to use warps to his advantage. Quite often, he even builds warps into his airplanes. Deliberately.
-A Real Modeler will always be a Real Modeler.
-A Real Modeler cannot grasp the concept of a foam wing. There he sits, mulling it over with a puzzled look on his face. "Foam?" he says. "Foam?" He has this mental picture of some yahoo making holes in the covering and pumping urethane in amongst the ribs. "Why, though?" he says. "Why insulate a wing?" For hours he will sit, striving to fathom the strange ways of the Others.
-A Real Modeler owns a few of the Orange Books. Possibly all of them. They're worn and torn.
-A Real Modeler can draw a good accurate plan if he has to. It might be one absolute hell of a struggle for him, but he can do it.
-A Real Modeler changes color and becomes rather dangerous vhen anyone suggests that R/C is a step up from Free Flight.
-When a Real Modeler spots the latest XYZ magazine [name deleted to protect the recently reformed] on the stands, he sighs and shakes his head. Possibly he mutters something.
-A Real Modeler seriously intends someday to build a Pistacio.

Aaron Petersen
From "The BAT Sheet" - Boeing Strato Bats via the L.A. Flightmasters Newsletter
aalmps 12/98

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